Map of Modern Egypt

Map of Modern Egypt

Mission Trip May 2017

Pastor Mouris Yousef will again travel to Egypt and be visiting many churches and encouraging their pastors from April 30th to May 12th.   Please pray for his safety and for God’s blessings on our sister churches in Egypt. We also pray for his family, wife Rita and children Moshier and Miral and for all persecuted Christians around the world. Lighting a candle at 7pm each evening is a way we can all feel connected by praying at the same time.


Mission Trip February 2016

 In the Book of Acts 1:8, Jesus called His followers to be His witnesses “in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” We are called by God to be the church of Jesus Christ, a sign in the world today of what God intends for all humanity.

In answer to that call, Rev. Mouris Yousef and Elder Paul Trumbull left on Tuesday, February 2nd, for a seventeen day trip to Egypt. They are representing all of us here from the Elmer Presbyterian Church’s First Mission Trip to Egypt. By God’s grace we seek to accomplish two major goals: (1) Visit with 25 Ministers and share with them God’s abundance in our lives through a monetary gift. (2) Establish a ministry partnership between the Elmer Presbyterian Church and two small Presbyterian Churches in Central Egypt.

The map of Egypt above outlines the area in which they will be travelling.

Updates from Pastor Mouris


Safely arrived in Egypt yesterday, Wednesday February 3rd. Thank you all for the prayers and good wishes. So grateful to God for the great efforts of two of my pastor friends, the Rev. Nady Labib and the Rev. Manassa Nesem Sadek, who put all the details of this trip together. Today and over the next ten days, we will be visiting churches and Ministers in Egypt with preaching almost every day. We seek to encourage those Ministers and also get encouraged and challenged by God’s faithfulness in their lives and their congregations. Please keep the prayers coming. We are so humbled to represent the First Presbyterian Church of Elmer, NJ, in this trip and so grateful to all of you, friends, who’ve helped to make this trip happen. Will try to update you more often. Peace of the Lord!

EPC Mouris and Paul on street in Egypt with 2 friends


Hope all went well Sunday.  Please find below a new update below.  Thank you all for the prayers.  We are doing well.

In Christ,

Mouris Yousef

I guess it is time for another update about the First Presbyterian Church of Elmer trip to Egypt.  Over the last two days, we had the chance to visit with four Presbyterian congregations including the church that I served when we lived in Egypt, the First Presbyterian Church in El Taiaba.  I delivered two sermons and so deeply moved by God’s amazing work throughout the land of Egypt.  We have seen promising ministries and visionary leaders.  One thing keeps coming to my mind: God is not done with our world and that He is in the business of transforming lives through the witness of His Body in the world.  I wish many of my friends back in the States get the chance to come and visit Presbyterian congregations in Egypt to encourage and get encouraged; to be blessed and become a blessing!

EPC Egypt church congregation

EPC Egypt church exterior

EPC Mouris and paul at pulpit


5/1/16 Update

On May 22nd, Rev. Nady Labib will worship with us and deliver the message in Arabic and Rev. Yousef will translate to English. Rev. Labib attended seminary with Rev. Yousef in Cairo, Egypt and has remained his good friend and colleague. More recently, he hosted Rev. Yousef and Elder Paul Trumbull during their initial Egyptian mission trip last February. Following worship that day, there will be a covered dish luncheon hosted by the Fellowship and Outreach Committee. Please join us as we thank Rev. Yousef for his ministry to us and bid the Yousefs farewell and also greet Rev. Labib and thank him for his message and support for our Egyptian mission project.